I have many interests...

  with one thing in common.

Let me explain.

There is a common theme to my interests...and boy, do I have interests.


I am a technical writer, graphic designer, and cartographer. I am a marketer, copywriter, and web designer.


Having such a broad range of professional passions has allowed me opportunities to develop skills that I would not otherwise have been able to flex if limited to a single avenue. It has opened me up to fields that are often highly specialized. Oddly enough, they all have one thing in common.

Work Station
All of these interests have one thing in common.
Their common factor is helping others - or rather, the user experience.

The connection.

Each of the fields in which I work all have an end-user in mind. The user experience itself is essential to driving a business forward. No matter the field, the point of your work is to assist your audience in some way. 

  • For technical writing, your role is to guide the user through workflows associated with a software application or explaining a complex process in terms that make it easier to understand.

  • For graphic design, you are responsible for portraying the brand of business to users, potential customers, and the wider audience in interesting and aesthetic ways.

  • For cartography, you are tasked with taking seemingly disparate data points, grounding them spatially, and helping the user gain insights into what this information holds.

  • For marketing and copywriting, you are the wizard behind the curtain who helps to evoke a feeling in the end-user and audience - whether that feeling is to engage with a business or simply follow their mission.

  • For web design, your goal is to provide an easy-to-use platform for end-users no matter the topic they are exploring.

Woman Typing

Ultimately, I am interested in the ways we see the world.


My passion lies in helping people better understand the world around them, whether that involves the layout of a website or the documentation that guides a user through a software product.


Ways I Help Accomplish This

Technical Writing & Documentation

Software applications and technical workflows all need a guidebook. I help users by documenting workflows, building educational material, and translating complex processes into easily digestible resources.


Writing comes naturally to me - copywriting is no different. I work with clients to develop content for websites, blog posts, articles, press releases, and other materials in the voice of the company.

Marketing Materials

From brochures and flyers to social media graphics and event banners, I have worked with clients and non-profit organizations to create materials that help relay their mission.

Cartography & Maps

This skill is not as random as you may think. Map-making is simply designing a space for users to better understand and interact with data. By applying Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, we can put data in context.

Graphic Design

Design is my first love. It is a skill I apply to much of my work, including branding, infographics for technical documentation, and marketing materials. 

Website Design

With experience in HTML and CSS, I work with clients to design and maintain a web presence that works for them (and their audience).

Company Branding

Brands are more than a logo. I help clients develop all aspects of their visual branding - including websites, marketing materials, logos, social media presence, tone, and more.

Social Media & Email Marketing

From campaigns centered around product launches to campaigns highlighting a mission, I work with clients to build brand awareness across social media platforms and inboxes.

Image by Andrew Neel

See these skills in action.