about jenn still.

Jennifer (Jenn) Still is a technical writer, web designer, cartographer, and graphic designer located in Charleston, South Carolina. 

She began her career at the age of 12 designing MySpace profile pictures for friends, teaching herself the in's and out's of Adobe Photoshop and basic HTML. Realizing a love for design and technology, she decided to pursue a career in both.

She received her undergraduate degree in Geographic Information Science (GIS) and Graphic Design from the University of South Carolina - a path which has helped to open her up to combining the technical with the aesthetic.

Since then, she has worked for Esri in Redlands, California as well as Integrated Informatics Inc. in Houston, Texas. She has also been appointed as Education Chair and Communications Chair for the professional organization Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics (APSG) as well as an Advisor for Website and Communications for the APSG Education Foundation.


While Esri provided her a behind-the-scenes look at marketing complicated technology, her role at Integrated has provided her the opportunity to explore and develop skills in multiple areas throughout the software product lifecycle.


As a Product Marketing Specialist for Integrated, she helps to maintain software release schedules, develop product campaigns for social media and email lists, design marketing materials for brand awareness and sponsorships, write technical documentation, manage websites, and more. In her work consulting for clients with this company, she has also gained experience in maintaining public-facing data visualizations for Coronavirus (COVID-19) response, managing websites that receive more than 100,000 page views on average per week, and even creating Google Analytics dashboards and reports for stakeholders.

Jenn currently works remotely near the beach with a dog and two cats as her coworkers. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, exploring, and creating art. You can see some of it here.


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