Integrated Informatics Inc

The brand of an organization much more than just its logo. Through the process of updating and maintaining this company's brand, new elements have been added and evolved to show customers the continued values of this Oil and Gas software consultancy. This has been accomplished through product websites, brochure design, social media campaigns, and more. View now.

Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics (APSG)

Upon joining this non-profit professional organization as the Communications Chair, APSG had updated its logo but had neglected to extend the same attention to its website and other marketing materials. To bring a more modern look to these essential components of its brand, new materials were created - including a new website, brochures, event plans, banner and industry tradeshow designs and more.  View now.



Marco Studio Meets the Office

Presented at the 2017 Map Gallery at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, CA, this map visualizes the features of Integrated Informatics Inc's premiere Marco Studio software applications with a fun twist - as if Marco was an IT guy and a classic cast member of the Office TV show. View now.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Exploring Full Field Optimization in Oil and Gas

Presented at the 2015 Map Gallery at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, CA, this map explores Oil and Gas Full Field Optimization in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style infographic. It went on to win a Geospatial Map Gallery: People's Choice Award at the 2015 GeoAlberta Conference in Alberta, Canada. View now.



Data Diagnosis Cheat Sheet

Designed for professionals in the Geographic Information System (GIS) field, this cheat sheet infographic provides starter prompts for assessing spatial data and governing standards alike across an enterprise data system. View now.

ArcGIS Migration Checklist

As end-users of Esri ArcGIS migrate spatial data from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, this checklist serves as a resource - albeit stylish resource - for steps to take in the process. View now.



Company & Product Highlight Videos

Bring a brand to life by creating interactive visuals like animated videos. These can be used to educate viewers on the company, the products and services offered, or all of the above. View now.



Email Newsletter Campaigns

Dispatching newsletters monthly and before/after events and product launches is an easy way to maintain a brand and ensure companies stay on their client's radar. With segmented tracking and analysis of click and open rates, it is also an optimal way to evaluate a reader's potential interests in products and industry topics. View an example now.

Social Media Campaign - #DailyBrainCandiii

Based on Integrated Informatics Inc's BrainCandiii industry education and training program, this campaign introduces news on industry and technology to the company's audience. All posts are tagged with #DailyBrainCandiii. It runs across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and offers a way to draw in viewers without giving the impression of being a sales pitch. View now.

Social Media Campaign - #MeetTheProduct

Developed as a means to introduce industry professionals to the software solutions and services offered by Integrated Informatics Inc, this campaign showcases product features, highlights, and training. All posts are tagged with #MeetTheProduct and run across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. View now.  

Social Media Campaign - #WeekliiiRoundUp

Blog posts and articles meant to show multiple resources and posts in a single view are an optimal way of creating new content to share while reducing the amount of new work. This campaign bolsters the marketing plan for Integrated Informatics Inc by providing an outlet for readers to view all posts and news shared throughout the week.  All posts are tagged with #WeekliiiRoundUp and run across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. View now.  



Corporate News & Blogging

Finding a balance between technical, professional, and conversational, this corporate blog for Integrated Informatics Inc seeks to educate readers on the company's services and solutions. Posts include news and announcements, articles as part of the #MeetTheProduct and #WeekliiiRoundUp campaigns, blog series on technology and industry approaches, and much more. View now.  

Press Releases

When announcing new software products and upcoming projects - like this Tracking Data Management System being developed in Newfoundland and Labrador - this company relies on online News posts as well as professionally produced Press Releases. View now.  

Technical Writing & Software Documentation

Documenting features and workflows for complex software systems is essential for end-users to better understand these applications. This documentation is typically created in simple word processors, stylized with infographics, and formalized through coding in reStructured Text (rST) and Sphinx for ease of updates. By employing multiple means of technical documentation, I am able to ensure these details are available in every aspect of a product's life cycle. View now.  

Product Marketing Content & Copy

The process of writing copy for Product Marketing purposes changes based on the outlet, like websites, brochures, social media, and more. The key is keeping themes, wording, and style elements consistent to ensure the content, purpose, and brand are all easily recognizable across these diverse platforms. View an example now.  



Conference Programs

Twice a year, the Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics (APSG) hosts a day-long seminar featuring talks from its member on a topic relevant to the industry. Part of my role as the Communications Chair involves creating and organizing print materials for this event - including banners displaying sponsors, organization brochures and swag, and even program hand-outs. View now.  



Organization Banners

The Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics (APSG) periodically showcases its mission at events in the industry. To help the organization better represent its message, its mission, and its values, I created banners that can be used whenever necessary. The added value of print materials like this is that they provide a more welcoming and professional atmosphere at trade show booths. View now.  

Company Website - Integrated Informatics Inc

As the company grew and added new resources to its marketing portfolio - like new Product Websites, brochures, etc. - they realized a need for a website that better reflected the mission of their team and offered a more inviting environment for potential and current customers alike to learn about services and solutions available in their industry. View now.  

Product Website - Meet Marco

As Integrated Informatics Inc's Marco Studio applications and their features for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology have grown, the company realized a need for a more in-depth approach to marketing its capabilities. This website goes beyond a simple brochure, allowing potential clients to see the in's and out's of these applications built around the ArcGIS platform and their diverse Use Cases. View now.  

Product Website - Meet Geomancy

The process for planning Oil and Gas asset placement is complex and so are the systems that streamline it. For Integrated Informatics Inc's Geomancy application, the company realized a need for a more in-depth approach to marketing its features that showcase its diverse capabilities and ability to bring simplicity to Facility Siting and Well Pad Placement in developing fields. View now.  

Organization Website - APSG

Every organization should have a website that accurately reflects its brand, its mission, and the time in which it sits. This website, its style, content, and branding were all updated for the Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics (APSG), a non-profit professional organization centered around Petroleum surveying and technology education. The website was developed with its members in mind, built atop the Wild Apricot membership system. View now.  

Company Website - The Creatively Co.

Because this team began as a solution for upcoming businesses to get easy access to the marketing resources they need most, The Creatively Co. needed a website that would reflect this mission from the start. View now.  



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