Get Yourself (and Your Pet) Something Nice - Custom Pet Portraits Now Open!

Place an order for a custom digital pet portrait (digital file download or print shipped) in my Etsy shop!

In August 2020, I decided to try something old with a new spin. Ever since I could hold a crayon, I have always loved drawing. It is an escape, a release... and it is a practice I regret not keeping up with in recent years.

Out of all the bad that 2020 brought the world, one of the gifts it provided me with was bringing art back into my life. By the time summer was winding down, I was stressed. Not regular "having a bad day" stress, but the kind that would keep me up at night, make me unable to get up in the morning, or clear my head of anxious thoughts. Regular pandemic anxiety paired with long hours on a COVID data project had gotten the better of me. The methods I would typically use to destress - things like cooking or watching TV - were no longer helping. With that, I decided to give drawing a try.

I purchased an iPad and began scribbling. Outside of random doodles, my go-to pieces starting out were portraits of family pets. (For those who don't know, I come from a family whose love language is rescuing dogs. Needless to say, I had a lot of subjects to choose from!) I made portraits for gifts and just as practice. After sharing them on social media, I received a few commissions - which I inevitably had to put on pause as the COVID response added vaccination to the mix and work hours increased again.

Since that time, I have been itching to do more - but in a more streamlined and consistent fashion. I wanted a method of creating and ordering them that allowed for creativity while providing the pet owner more options for printing and customization than what I could confidently offer before. Let's be real here. While the process of creating portraits is a way to relieve stress for myself, the end product is all about the customer.

Cue now. Now? Well...I am back at it.

As of this week, I have added my first custom pet portrait listing to my Etsy shop. From this listing, you can easily view image guidelines, specify your background color, and personalize your portrait with your beloved pet's name. When you order, you have multiple options for printing - and prints are shipped directly to you! Gone are the days of needing to print on your own, unless you're into that sort of thing.

If you can't tell already, I am really excited to finally launch this. I am also incredibly thankful for the feedback and support I have received so far from family and friends. If you are in the market for a tribute to your furry friends, a gift for a loved one, or a portrait to immortalize your fur-baby, I hope you consider me.

View this listing on my Etsy shop @JennStillArt here.