Logo Alert! Branding Roots + Wings Nonprofit Consulting

To say that opportunities can come at you in the strangest ways is an understatement. I met Sarah Hager at an event held by Still Soul Studio in downtown Charleston, SC not long ago. As we talked about our lives, she expressed her passion for her nonprofit work while I told her about my love of design. Through this exchange, I was honored to be offered the opportunity to design the logo for her new company, Roots + Wings Nonprofit Consulting.

Through this design process, Sarah shared with me logos that she was inspired by, color palettes that lit her up, and the keywords that drove her practice. We finally settled on a light logo with the primary graphic mimicking the wings synonymous with her brand.

This was a beautiful practice in stepping out of my comfort zone, creating a piece that is minimal yet bohemian, and working with a client who is truly passionate about her work.

Find Sarah's company here.