Portrait Alert! Digital Painting of Midnight

Reference image of black cat for pet portrait
Reference Photo of Midnight

One of my goals for the end of 2020 has been sharing more of my artwork. As I have been working on pet portraits for friends and family this year, I have posted them on social media with no real expectations. It turns out though - the more you show people what you can accomplish, the more likely you are to find new opportunities to expand your work.

Who knew?

Enter Jamie and Midnight.

My uncle's wife reached out to me to create a digital portrait of her cat, Midnight. After she sent me reference photos, I had a realization. Black cats are very difficult to draw. Again I say, who knew? I base much of my portrait work off of shadows and lines in reference images. With a black animal, these distinctions can be difficult to see. Despite these challenges, I love how the portrait turned out - and hopefully Midnight is pleased with her likeness!

This pet portrait was drawn digitally using ProCreate on an iPad Pro. See the photo below for the final portrait!

Final pet portrait of black cat drawn on iPad with Procreate
Final Digital Portrait