Portrait Alert! Digital Painting of Bailey Gifted In Memoriam

Reference Photo of Bailey

Remember when I mentioned I put out a call for new pet portrait subjects? Meet Bailey!

When I put out my call to action, Chris - a friend from college and one of my former professors - reached out to see if I would be able to create a gift for his wife. That is, a portrait of their "dog"ter who had crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the last few years.

Who can say no to that?

My family has always had dogs so I know firsthand the sadness that can come with a dog's passing. Chris sent along photos he still kept of Bailey, and from these I chose a reference photo of her basking in the sun. We decided to go with a simple background, adding a pattern that mimics the wood floors under her in the original image. All in all, a beautiful project for a great family!

This pet portrait was drawn digitally using ProCreate on an iPad Pro. See the photo below for the final portrait!

Final Digital Portrait