Portrait Alert! Digital Painting of Bentley

Reference image of Pomeranian dog pet
Reference Photo of Bentley

When it comes to giving gifts, I like to find items that are special or speak to a person's interests. After Kaitlyn - my friend of nearly 20 years - announced she and her partner had bought their first house, I knew this housewarming gift needed to be something extra special!

Growing up, I had a tradition of gifting her with art. We were both obsessed with John Lennon and the Beatles for a while there, and much of it centered around that. Rather than go for classic rockstars, I decided the subject of this piece would be closer to her heart - a portrait of her Pomeranian fur baby, Bentley (or Baby Benny, as I like to refer to him).

Meet Bentley.

This pet portrait was drawn digitally using ProCreate on an iPad Pro. See the photo below for the final portrait!

Digital pet portrait of Pomeranian created on iPad with Procreate
Final Digital Portrait