Portrait Alert! Digital Painting of Bentley

Reference Photo of Bentley

When it comes to giving gifts, I like to find items that are special or speak to a person's interests. After Kaitlyn - my friend of nearly 20 years - announced she and her partner had bought their first house, I knew this housewarming gift needed to be something extra special!

Growing up, I had a tradition of gifting her with art. We were both obsessed with John Lennon and the Beatles for a while there, and much of it centered around that. Rather than go for classic rockstars, I decided the subject of this piece would be closer to her heart - a portrait of her Pomeranian fur baby, Bentley (or Baby Benny, as I like to refer to him).

Meet Bentley.

This pet portrait was drawn digitally using ProCreate on an iPad Pro. See the photo below for the final portrait!

Final Digital Portrait