Portrait Alert! Digital Painting of Scout

Reference image of dog for pet portrait
Reference Photo of Scout

As I way to relieve the 2020 stress that has been building - and after running out of subjects for pet portraits - I put out a call for any friends and family who wanted to have their pets recreated digitally.

Enter Katie and Scout.

I went to high school with Katie. She knew me back in the days when I was the shy, quiet, and even more awkward kid than the opinionated, introverted, and slightly awkward adult I have grown to become. Back in high school, I was known for being artsy and even voted Most Artistic for our Senior Superlatives.

Yes, I was that kid.

Katie reached out and asked that I create a pet portrait of her adorable dog, Scout. She sent me tons of reference photos to choose from, and the stud was even wearing a bow tie in one of them! When creating this piece, we decided to go with a patterned background in colors that matched her home. All in all, I am very excited for how this turned out - and even more, how much she loved it!

This pet portrait was drawn digitally using ProCreate on an iPad Pro. See the photo below for the final portrait!

Final pet portrait of dog drawn on iPad with Procreate
Final Digital Portrait