• Jennifer Still

15 Tips For Working Remotely From People Who Actually WFH

Times are strange. A global pandemic is on the move, homes are on lockdown, and I am adding a blog post to this rather neglected site for the first time in nearly two years. Madness is truly upon us.

One of the most fascinating things that have come out of this widespread chaos so far is the move of employees away from the office and students away from the classroom. Those who can work from home, are. Those who have been working from home pre-corona? We are still chugging along while fielding questions from our friends and coworkers, letting them vent, and trying to help them navigate the sometimes murky waters of that WFH life.

I have been remote for nearly 3 years now, I think. Honestly, the days and years on the calendar have blurred together at this point. When I first transitioned to WFH, I was staying in my childhood home for the first time in years. Transitioning back to be under my family's roof as well as working from their dining room was tough at the time. My schedule was based on when my family was gone for their office jobs, and my lunch breaks and end-of-day times were built in based on when everyone else got home. I became increasingly clear why communicating your own schedule to those around you is important. Having dogs barking or your mom yelling on your conference call is not always a good look.

For the past 2 years though, I have been living solo in Charleston and working from home. It has been an interesting adjustment, and honestly? I love the flexibility and have no clue if I could ever work in an office again.

The fact that this is my regular life is one that I am exceedingly grateful for in our current climate. Those who work in the service industry are being laid off as businesses closes. Those whose careers are public-facing and do fit into a WFH routine are still forced to go out and about as we attempt to quell the spread of COVID-19.

While there is not much I can do to help those still working outside of the home, I decided to get a little creative for those who may need a bit of guidance when moving to a home office. For this month's email newsletter that I created for Integrated Informatics, I based our topic on remote working tips - 15 in total. These are all pulled from similar lists, my own experiences, and advice offered to me by other coworkers who have made the same transition in the past. Hopefully there is something helpful there for everyone!

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